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I am a whole-hearted, passionate and highly intuitive person, that has pursued healing and the understanding of the body-mind connection for most of my life. I value creating a safe space for people to come into their authentic self, finding their life purpose and connecting to their whole being, body, mind and spirit. I value having authentic experiences and deep connection. I am passionate about journeying with people to discover their old, outdated (sometimes faulty mindsets) and limiting beliefs, to the truth of who they really are.
I specialize in helping people experiencing  transformation by helping them discover  the root causes behind their issues or symptoms ( whether  financial, personal or physical), and then by upgrading their mindsets and ultimately the image they have of themselves . I have a degree in Psychology and Communications and I am a trained Rapid Transformational Practitioner.




Rapid Transformational Therapy is the science of neuroplasticity in action.  This is the brain’s ability to form new neural connections throughout a person’s life, in response to environmental stimulus, emotions and thoughts. During these changes, the brain engages in synaptic pruning, deleting the neural connections that are no longer useful and strengthening the new ones that are. 

The brain keeps a record of the past through memories. The stronger the emotional reaction to some experiences in your life, the more your mind pays attention to it, and takes a snapshot of it, forming a memory. 


Memories are the place subconscious programs are made by firing and wiring the same circuits and thus creating beliefs. The mind is a meaning making machine, deriving meaning from  past experiences with the goal of driving you away from pain towards pleasure.This is a survival mechanism.


Just like a computer runs on programs we are similar. The subconscious runs 95% of our behavior, which is driven by these programs. It happens automatically, and we are normally completely unaware of it.


 These programs relate to life, relationships, health, healing and money etc.


With the backing and direction of Rapid Transformational Therapy you will soon discover the root cause of your issues and resolve them permanently


A common root cause for addictions is a sense of disconnect with self, driving us to connect with a substance or addictive behavior.

Auto immune Diseases or unexplained Illnesses.

Where there  is no clear medical reason for an illness or disease the underlying cause could well be psychosomatic. Emotions are:"energy in motion", so healing can occur where we release suppressed emotions.


Some of the root causes for depression include being very self critical, and not knowing that you are enough.

Childhood problems and past trauma

 How we internalize trauma and the conclusions we draw from it impacts us on an emotional, physical and intellectual level, leaving us with limiting beliefs that influences how we live life.

Need for personal transformation on a personal or business level.

When we have limiting beliefs about ourselves, it limits us from living authentic lives, blocking us in our relationships, personal growth and business.

        Anxiety and Stress
Some roots of anxiety include having conflicting beliefs, lack of trust in self, having to maintain a facade of being ok and and having unexpressed feelings.        

What Clients Say

“If you are reading this testimonial it means you are probably looking to be convinced of booking a session with Nienie. All I can say is: DO IT . I did it and it changed my life!
If you are truly ready to "get it together" and "get a grip" on your life, your feelings, your circumstances and destiny.  Open your mind and let go. The rest will flow....This will be one of the best things you ever do for yourself. It was for me! ”

(Owner of an accounting firm)

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